Recent Releases

November 26th, 2020

Version 2.0 Released!

FITimer Version 2.0

AKRS has released FITimer Version 2.0. This release includes a new Apple Watch app, a search bar to find your workouts in the history tab with ease, and elevation max/min stats.

Fitness Interval Timer Logo 2.png

October 9th, 2020

Version 1.04 Released!

Go Paddle Version 1.04

AKRS has released Go Paddle Version 1.04. This release includes supplemental fixes to the onboarding screen.

October 1th, 2020

Version 1.03 Released!

Go Paddle Version 1.03

AKRS has released Go Paddle Version 1.03. This release includes a game-changing feature that allows players to compete in leaderboards, achievements through Apple Game Center. In addition, there is a new haptic vibrational feedback that will be played during the game.